William Hill Mobile Betting App Review

William Hill Mobile Betting App: It is always nice to have options, and now may be one of the better times that has ever existed in terms of offering an array of choices for just about everything, from TV content providers to restaurants, or this pair of shoes or that brand of beer, and the William Hill Mobile Betting App is no different.

One indispensable aid in evaluating all the choices modern life has presented is the smartphone. You can get detailed information on any subject and read about the experience of other buyers and possibly save some bother, knowing that if one source does not serve up satisfaction, it requires only a matter of minutes to find worthy alternatives. Geographic considerations are eliminated.

If you cannot find a product or service locally, you can search all over the world instantly thanks to the powerful computer in your pocket.

William Hill Betting App

For online wagering purposes, the smartphone almost seems as though it was purposely designed for this specific task.

This purpose, however, does not come completely unhindered. Bookmaker licensing authorities of various governments have some regulations that affect punters including Free Bets.

Most of those restrictions concern residency requirements and eligibility for some of the promo's and bonus bet offers used to entice potential clients to join a certain bookmaker. The selection of bookmakers is still quite adequate, and finding a bookmaker mobile app that suits your purpose and preferences is really quite simple.

One of the driving factors behind this simplicity is that in an age where user input carries so much weight, the bookmakers and their app developers constantly seek feedback from users to determine which features and functions supply good value, or which could use a little improvement.

The William Hill outfit seems to have embraced this idea of listening to clients. They have developed mobile wagering apps and a mobile-compatible version of their website that takes best advantage of the technical capabilities of the current batch of devices, but they have held on to those familiar features that help punters migrate from online to mobile wagering without attempting to reinvent the wheel.

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William Hill made its entry into Australia by purchasing homegrown bookmakers, but this look will be at the mobile app specific to the William Hill end of the business.

Primary Details William Hill Mobile Betting App

It would easily be conceived of using William Hill exclusively.

They have been around forever in terms of operating out of Great Britain, but they have not failed to adapt to the times as those times changed. Not surprising, their mobile app has plenty of popular features and they are not averse to making well-considered upgrades when the situation seems to call for that.

Simple To Use

They have managed this feat in a clean and simple design that is usable without getting in the way. The landing page that opens after the app is launched has eight large icons that permit homing in on the desired task.

The eight icons show a graphic combined with a text label and include, Next to Jump, Sports, Horse Racing, Promotions, Dogs, Racing Features, Harness and Racing Multiples. Right below those icons are two more that provide a way to view account details and another that will open a new or pending bet slip. A quick downward swipe refreshes the odds.


It requires only a bit of tapping and swiping to change various options, such as adding funds or withdrawing dividends.

Comprehensive form guide included in the betting app

Racing data that offers aid to punters in making selections or evaluating markets is well organised and offers comprehensive data on all facets of racing. Another section is devoted to the Black Book, where favourite runners can be examined for recent results and upcoming races.

Promotions And Bonus Bets

Using this first landing page option is the fastest way to find out special promotions and which markets are eligible for employing bonus bets. It would be easy to imagine more than one punter heading to this section of the app first off.

The William Hill mobile betting app has many features identical to the website platform.

Similar bet types that promise enhanced dividends assure racing punters that they will receive the best possible value in terms of superior payouts.

High Definition Graphics

A sliding yellow bar sits beneath the current market and moves when another icon is tapped to clearly indicate your location within the app.


Punters who are reluctant to give up familiar routines will find that given the chance, the mobile app can be mastered in a few minutes.

Changing from one screen to the next happens rapidly, but succeeding screens vary enough to clearly indicate that given commands have been carried out. We think 10 minutes of testing will bring you up to speed and make you comfortable.

The icon for the main menu is in the top left corner, a familiar spot for many applications beyond wagering. This frees up valuable screen space for more timely information. The overall feel of the layout is quite impressive from the perspective of the amount of information that can be contained on one screen without inducing a cramped sensation.

We have to declare that the William Hill agency has developed a mobile betting wagering app that is functional, fast, and full-featured enough to become a first choice for punters.

There is, of course, the convenience aspect of being able to place bets from anywhere there is a cellular or Wi-Fi connection, but we could easily envision sitting in the comfort of our homes and carrying out every conceivable wagering task.

Punters will also find that by carrying many of the features that result in a website platform that is such an enjoyable experience, William Hill has raised the bar on the mobile wagering concept.

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