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Many of the bigger international bookmakers, such as Paddy Power, Ladbrokes and William Hill have expanded down under, as has the subject of this examination, Unibet.

It would seem, based on the number of international bookmakers that have expanded into Australia and New Zealand over the past couple of years that the Australian market is a highly coveted one for companies that need to expand continuously in order to flourish. Unibet Mobile Betting App Review

To the casual observer, it might appear that this influx is good practice for bookmakers who are licking their chops at the prospect of online gambling earning the blessings of the state and federal governments of the United States. It begs the question that if recreational drugs are gaining acceptance there, can Internet gambling be far behind?

Unibet Origins

Unibet first began operating in 1997, was licensed to do business in the United Kingdom in 1998 and currently has its headquarters in Malta. It has branches in France, Germany and Italy in addition to the UK.

It acquired Northern Territory licensed bookmaker Betchoice in the waning days of 2012, keeping much of the existing operation in place and forming Unibet Australia. (Unibet.com.au)

Details of Unibet Australia

Unibet served notice early and emphatically when it switched on the Australian website that it had every intention of attracting notice in a big way. They made some deliberate moves to shake up the market. More Bonus Bets Explained

Something else that will attract attention is that Unibet allows for accounts funded with as little as $10 and the minimum betting levels for some online bets is an almost ludicrously low $0.10. Even telephone bets, a must for government regulated live, in-play betting, is set at a low $10.

Equally impressive is that there are no turnover requirements for deposited funds, no dormant account fees and no transaction fees on deposits, three things which have in some past instances resulted in an unintended devaluation of punter accounts. Unintended by the punter, that is.

Unibet has adequate funding methods in place. VISA, MasterCard, POLi and BPAY are the options. Winnings can be accessed through a credit to a credit card or by electronic funds transfer.

Sports punters are limited to a net payout on one bet or combination of bets of $200,000. Further there are different wagering limits for some sports that range from $15,000 to $300,000. Racing punters have some limitations placed upon them for some of the bet types that can vary from one individual to the next, but these are divulged on the betting slip.

There are some other limits, but suffice it to say that you have been warned to pay attention and should not come crying to us when you think you have won $300,000 on the Footie and find out that you were mistaken.

Other than that, some lesser details are that Unibet Australia accepts only the Australian dollar, sorry, no kiwis, and that English is the only language supported on this branch.

Of more interest are the competitive odds offered by Unibet which are in line with the other major agencies. Anything less would be viewed unfavorably and defies the imagination. True, a dedicated punter might be able to locate something marginally better from time to time, but at what level of effort?

Margin is an area where Unibet might be found lacking, at least a little, but at this early juncture, there is not a lot to base this opinion upon. Unibet does promote itself as being dedicated primarily to Australian markets, but it interesting to see that one of the lower margins that they advertise in on American football.


Unibet Betting Platforms

It is sometimes said that growing accustomed to the Unibet interface will require some adjustment on the part of punters, but that would seem to be a case of seeking problems where none are really present to any appreciable degree. In fact, it seems that Unibet has retained much of what Betchoice made available and is further very similar to the layout of many of the online bookmakers.

The basic design consists of three columns that follow a natural progression from selection of a sport, race meeting or venue, to a central column that displays markets and odds, and then onto a betting slip that shows selections, odds and potential payouts. It is an intuitive and simple design that does not require excessive monkeying about on the part of designers.

The Unibet mobile platform does represent a minor departure from the norm, but in a good way.

They have chosen to deploy a mobile-ready website that is compatible across all mobile platforms rather than a separate application for each one. This might not enhance your profits, but in the same regard, you will not have to decide betwixt your wagering app and your kid’s music recital video and there will be much less incriminating evidence to conceal from an over-curious spouse.


Unibet might be new to the Australian and New Zealand market, but they obviously have used their experiences gained from over 15 years in the northern hemisphere to craft an offering that will appeal to new or special occasion punters, whilst at the same time fostering an approach that should appeal to the hard-bitten punter.

With over seven million customers worldwide, they have obviously been doing something right for all these years and it will be interesting to see if they do anything new in the future to raise the bar as they have done to start.

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