Unibet Mobile Betting App Review

At some point in the not so distant future, when the automatic nature of St. Kilda hoisting the premiership flag year after year has AFL punters desperately looking for new markets, some might turn to the U.S. and the MLB to find baseball punts that make sense, such as even money for the Colorado Rockies to win the World Series in a four-game sweep.

Actually, you can probably get much better odds than that, because the odds of the Colorado Rockies playing in the World Series, let alone winning it on top of doing it in four games should be about equivalent or better to those on St. Kilda to win the 2015 AFL Premiership.

It would be easy to determine your exact chances and potential earnings if you were to utilize the mobile betting app of the Unibet online wagering agency. A quick check on the MLB side will soon tell you that a $10 bet on the Rockies winning the World Series will supply you with a dividend on $5,010. That same $10 on St. Kilda winning it all will get you $25,010.

The point is that it takes only a minute or two to discover that there is a far better chance of snow in Townsville in January than either the Rockies or the Saints going all the way.

In the same amount of time it took you to find a truly legitimate way of throwing $10 away, you could have found something that has a better chance of giving you a return. With over 700 AFL markets and more than 350 for MLB, $10 on the Hawks raising the flag would earn you $20, or $10 on the Kansas City Royal, the Los Angeles Dodgers or the St. Louis Cardinals would offer a potential payday of $37.50.


It took us less time to assemble that information than it did you to read those last two paragraphs, thanks to the ease of use and speed of the Unibet mobile betting app.

If we must provide a disclaimer, and perhaps in the interest of full disclosure, we will, know that those odds were as of 30 July 2015, and will likely change as the events we used for examples come closer, and they will disappear entirely after the market for those events closes.

We also want to admit that the bit about AFL punters desperately seeking greener pastures as the result of St. Kilda dominance was a byproduct of our overstimulated imaginations. Join today » »

The same ease of use that enabled us to so quickly determine the odds and potential dividends in the above examples will also benefit racing punters, so at this time, we want to take a closer look at Unibet mobile betting wagering application and point out a few of the nifty features.

Unibet Features We Like

Unibet has taken a bit of a different path in designing a series on applets that focus on different areas.

For example, since soccer is played all over the world, meaning that whilst you are sleeping, matches are going on in South America, so Unibet has a mini-app called Soccer Livescore that provides continuous updates. When you get up in the morning, you can immediately find out what transpired overnight.

Another Unibet mini-app will keep you informed of events available for watching via live streaming. This is quite the handy feature, because the agency streams around 10,000 events. This streaming covers markets worldwide, including U.S. sports such as professional hockey and NBA basketball.

Unibet offers over 9,000 sports markets every week, so finding better values than those we used in our examples above should not be difficult, easy in fact, since our examples were close to, if not the worst, that we could locate.

Unibet’s app makes it quite easy to create 12-leg multis, so you can look for sure things, mix in a few less certain yet lucrative markets.

Unibet’s racing product offerings are intact on the app, so Tote, Best Tote and Top Flux exist side-by-side with the primary website platform.

All of this comes to you in a straight-forward way that will tempt you to chuck the desktop or laptop computer and conduct all of your punting on your smartphone.

The thing we most appreciated is the Unibet’s mobile app offerings bear some resemblance to apps we have used for other purposes, so the learning curve is built in, meaning that it will take most smartphone users only minutes to feel comfortable tapping icons, swiping and scrolling and otherwise performing all the customary functions associated with wagering online.

Our Observations www.betsfree.com.au/unibet-mobile-app

Being of advance age, and thus typically reluctant to accept change, we truly appreciated Unibet’s decision to concentrate on a simple and fast mobile app experience. Coming from their main online wagering platform, it seemed as though the major change was mainly screen size, much of the appearance looked very similar.

We have always liked Unibet’s bet slip, and that opinion has not suffered by comparison.

Unibet mobile app

Racing punters will be delighted over those pages. Three icons labeled with text require only a single tap to drill in on thoroughbreds, harness or dog racing events. Another tap on a track name will show you everything going on at a meeting, along with a countdown timer letting you know how long before the jump.

In conclusion, we would like to offer Unibet our sincere thanks for their unique approach to the Unibet Mobile Betting App.The suite of smaller mini-apps might prove convenient in terms of preserving memory space on older smartphones, although for the most part, even downloading and installing the entire suite does not require excessive amounts of memory.

Even if this were true, the easy decision would be to uninstall some of those less productive apps, such as we will be doing with the one that led us to believe the Saints would ever dominate the AFL.

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