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Choosing an online bookmaker would seem to be a simple proposition, and for the most part, it is just that. Since they are not permitted to operate without a license that is generally issued by the state in which they are located, online bookmakers have to follow some fairly stringent regulations.

These regulations do not make it any easier for the punter to correctly predict the outcome of an event, but they at least ensure that when you are right, you can collect your dividend.

This would make it tempting to assume that the selection of an online bookmaker is just a question of picking one from the many, because a cursory examination will reveal that they are all fairly similar.

There are, however, some important distinctions that should be taken into consideration, along with some criteria that could lead you to favour one bookmaker over another. It is from that vantage point that we would like to provide some details about the online bookmaker Tom Waterhouse Review.

Tom Waterhouse would be an exceptional choice for the beginner, and it is interesting to learn how this came about, because it was not always the case.

When the latest generation of Waterhouses to enter the realm of bookmaker was granted his license by the Northern Territory in 2011, the intended client was the punter who was willing to wager at least $1,000 for any given event, hardly the scenario that would lead anyone to agree with our assessment of the operation as being ideal for the newcomer to the punting ranks.

This approach underwent a 180 degree about face when Tom Waterhouse was acquired by William Hill in August of 2013. Currently, we deem the operation suitable for beginning punters for two primary reasons.

• Very low initial funding deposit requirements
• Almost absurdly low minimum bet requirements

There are a variety of funding options for creating your bank with Tom Waterhouse. The POLi system will enable you to establish an account for as little as $1! For MasterCard and Visa, it is only $5.

It only takes $30 if you intend to use Moneybookers and $50 for BPAY. We provide this information for comparative purposes; some other online bookmakers have minimums that are competitive with Tom Waterhouse and others have higher funding levels. We realise that you will not be able to quit your job and live off your punting winnings with a $1, or even a $50, wagering account, but for someone just starting out, low funding requirements such as these greatly reduce any anxieties about losing the family station if things go poorly.

It is when you examine the minimum wagers at Tom Waterhouse that you can grasp the concept of being able to establish an account for as little as $1.

This agency offers some markets where an online wager of as little as $0.01 is available. You read that right. One cent.

Available Currencies And Languages

Critics would point out that the only currency Tom Waterhouse accepts is the Australian dollar and that the only supported language in English, to which we say: Australian money is all over the place, if you do not have some, how hard would it be for you to come up with a dollar? If you do not speak or read English, this review of the operation will be of little value to you.

Wagering Platform - Website - Mobile Applications

Earlier, we stated that in our opinion, Tom Waterhouse is an excellent selection for the beginner. The technological end of the operation provides perhaps the strongest evidence of that affirmation. For that matter, anyone who appreciates a well-designed, highly functional and intuitive website will not fail to be impressed by the wagering platform and mobile applications that support iOS and Android.

Even if you have never had a single punt in your entire life, you will be able to find your event, select your market and place your wager in mere minutes after you have completed the registration process, funded your account and received clearance to proceed. In all fairness, this same is true for many of the online bookmakers, but Tom Waterhouse seems to have taken it to the next level.

The more experienced punters will appreciate the depth and breadth of the Waterhouse operation. Australian sports and racing have practically exhaustive choices. International events, including the U.S. majors and many others from around the globe, are all sitting there waiting for you to take the money straight out of young Tom’s pocket, provided Big Bill is not there ahead of you.


We find that, in our opinion, the positives outweigh the negatives. Tom Waterhouse could function very adequately for anyone from beginner to professional as a standalone bookmaker, provided that you do not grant excessive weight to some of the fluff, such as sign-up bonuses and promotions, but pay more heed to the things that matter, which is, of course, the money considerations.

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