Sportsbet Mobile App

Sportsbet Mobile App – One of the things that makes the job of reviewing the mobile device applications from the various online bookmakers challenging is that they are all good.

The various bookmaker agencies operate in an extremely competitive environment, so they are always trying to stay a step ahead in the race to provide the features punters find attractive.

Another reason reviewing their offering is difficult is that they all are reasonably similar in just about every other aspect, such as odds, markets, banking methods, margins and any other criteria by which they can be compared.

The bottom line is that there probably has never been a better time to be a punter in Australia. Your choices of bookmakers and software are plentiful and the online aspect of the punt has made markets available from all over the world.

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It does require a little consideration on the part of the punter when evaluating a potential bookmaker to understand the terms and conditions.

Other than that, you might want to spend some time thinking about how you intend to use an online bookmaker.

For example, an active punter would not need to be concerned about dormant account fees and would gladly overlook these in exchange for slightly better odds or a lower margin, whilst the once or twice a year punter looking to generate a bit of additional interest in the AFL Grand Final or the Melbourne Cup would want to grant more weight to a bookmaker with no dormant account fees and lower turnover requirements.

As for the bookmakers’ mobile apps specifically, they seem to have done a good job at one of the most difficult of challenges facing any application developer.

This challenge is the plain fact that the hardware devices on which the apps run, and the operating systems on those devices, change so rapidly that it is sometimes almost impossible to anticipate the outcome of an app upgrade.

If you have spent even a modicum of time reading the thoughts of Mobile apps users, you have doubtless encountered a comment to this effect: “The previous version worked superbly, but when I upgraded to the newest version, the Mobile apps ceased to function entirely,” or some variation on that theme. In light of that, whichever bookmaker app or apps you select and utilise, when you launch the app and are offered a newer version, you always have the option to stick with the version that has proved reliable for you.

One final challenge is that if you should happen to read a bookmaker app review in as short a time as a month after it was written, it could very well be true that many features and functions of the app have changed, rendering certain observations and comments about the app obsolete.

We are not one to shirk from a challenge, however, and we make no claims to objectivity when it comes time to declare our favourite mobile wagering application.

Why We Like Sportsbet

We like the blue screen that opens when we launch the app.

Even more, we like the initial landing page that guides you along the way. At the top left is a panel with the menu button, along with a green tab for logging in and a yellow one to open a bet slip.

Below that is a generously sized blue bar that scrolls from left to right with icons that are labeled with text, so for example, even though the graphic for the AFL and NRL is similar, the text clearly indicates which market tapping the icon opens.

Just beneath that, separated by a bit of black space, is a blue bar with a daily special or a message of topical nature. The rest of the landing page shows races set to jump with the time remaining, followed by a similar bar for upcoming sports markets, and concluding with another section that scrolls with a finger swipe to show markets where you can bet live on in-play events.

The final element at the bottom of this page contains another spot from which to log in, an icon for viewing results, and a final one that takes you straight to Sportsbet’s current offerings for live streaming.

Superb Racing Pages On The Sportsbet Mobile App

The Sportsbet mobile racing section carries on with a similar layout to the website that has made us, along with thousands of other, big fans of Sportsbet. All the bet types, odds, markets and other racing features, such as form, black book and others, can be accessed with ease.

Large assortment of banking options

Sportsbet Mobile App has all the typical funding and withdrawal options and is one of the few that supports PayPal.

Simple multi betting

Filling out a bet slip with 12-leg sports multis and 5-leg racing multis is ably assisted by guidance from within the app, and includes updates as the various legs of the bet conclude.

Form and tipping for sports as well as racing

Knowledgeable experts from the various markets constantly update this section of the app with the latest information. It is a great place to learn of scratching or developments that might influence the outcome of a sporting event.

Live Chat Function

When we tested this feature, we found that we seldom had to wait more than a few seconds for help, and never more than a minute or two.

Overall, we enjoyed the similarities betwixt the Sportsbet online platform and the mobile wagering version. We could easily envision using the app exclusively for our dealings with Sportsbet. We found that it generally took less than a minute to find a market that was appealing, evaluate that market with some of Sportsbet’s intel, and then get a wager on.

We enjoy a good bargain as well, and the icon that displays all the specials and promotions saves a lot of hunting by an individual sport or race market.

So, for the moment, we declare the Sportsbet Mobile App to be our favorite, at least until something better comes along, and we hope that Sportsbet does not monkey with the app to the extent that it loses lustre in our eyes.

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