Sportsbet Cash Out

In a perfect world, punters would never rely on intuition or mis-guided advice to calculate wagers.

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Most of us are regularly reminded with frequent examples, however, that it is not a perfect world. This can lead punters to make wagers that in retrospect were so far-fetched that not even the most imaginative amongst us could ever have harboured hope that divine intervention would come to the rescue.

More Control Over Your Bet

The inevitable outcome is money evaporated and that feeling of regret that can often lead to equally ill-conceived wagers. The resulting spiral creates even more damage to the bank that results in chasing markets with near zero probability in the attempt to get even.

Fortunately, Sportsbet has devised a solution to this dilemma that has recently become a feature of their online wagering platform. It is called Sportsbet Cash Out and it represents the first opportunity ever offered by a bookmaker for punters to get out of the way of a speeding locomotive before being crushed beneath the wheels and left as nothing but a faint smudge on the tracks.

It is a sublimely simple feature that offers online wager-ers the option of getting out of a poor wager for whatever reason that wager was undertaken.

A key injury that results in a horse being scratched or a star footballer suddenly being unable to participate, or any of the myriad other reasons that make what seemed to be a decent proposition a nightmarish scenario.

Online wagers made in select Sportsbet markets will immediately receive a Cash Out offer. This offer will fluctuate along with the odds on the wager and will typically have some negative cost associated, but there are times when the ability to cut one’s losses could be invaluable.

Live bets placed over the phone must be cashed out over the phone, in accordance with the regulations imposed by the governing bodies. Online bets can be cashed out online any time before an event and even during the event.

Wagers made with bonus bets, obviously, are not eligible for the Sporstbet Cash Out programme

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