Palmerbet Mobile App Review

Some things change so rapidly that writing about them requires the understanding that by the time anyone reads about them, they have changed. Australia

Such is the case with smartphone applications. As of February 2015, statistical websites put the number of applications available for Android devices at around 1.4 million, a number that has increased to 1.6 million in the four months since. Applications for Apple devices number about 1.5 million.

Those figures, translated for those of us who do not have a great affinity for numbers: a lot.

Our Point?

Many of these apps are completely worthless. Some are accidentally harmful, and some are deliberately malignant. The bulk of them seldom perform to the claims of those responsible for their development. User reviews seldom provide a clear and complete picture, so finding an app that serves the purpose you desire often involves simply downloading and installing the app and experimenting to discover if it serves your intended purpose or not.

Palmerbet Mobile Review

Out of the three million plus apps that exists, there are some consistently good ones. The online bookmakers have done a commendable job of moving their online operations onto mobile devices.

There may be no perfect apps amongst them, but many are close. Simply stated, they do what they are intended to do: making online wagering accessible from any location where a cellular network or Wi-Fi connection to the Internet is available. The main reason would seem to be that in the competitive environment that exists where online bookmakers operate, having an app of dubious quality would be business suicide.

The one we propose to review here, that of the Palmerbet agency, serves as a good example. The agency deserves credit for holding back the launch of their application until they had tested it to determine if it performed to expectations. They have created an app that will serve all clients very well indeed.

Their approach has been to modify their website offering in order to make it appropriate for the small screens of tablets and smartphones. It would appear that the thinking behind this was that they already had a well-functioning Internet wagering platform. The beauty of this approach lies in the fact that website browsers are all proven performers, so any device that can connect to the Internet can be used for mobile wagering without concern of the issues of compatibility betwixt apps and all the different hardware variations that can create unexpected consequences. Palmerbet will eventually release specific apps for the Android and Apple operating systems, but for the present, migrating from their primary website to the mobile-friendly version is quite automatic.

User Impressions

The Palmerbet mobile site closely resembles the primary website. Those of us who do not appreciate relearning the same thing every time a ‘new and improved’ version comes along can really relate to the ease of placing our wagers the way we are accustomed to placing them.

There does not seem to be any inordinate delays encountered switching from one screen to the next. Part of this, of course, is the touch-screen capabilities of smartphones and tablets, but Palmerbet has taken pains to use simple computer code that does not require vast amounts of processor capacity in order to execute commands. This seems to be true regardless of whether a Wi-Fi connection or a mobile data carrier was used to provide the connection. Of course, neither Palmerbet or anyone else has complete control over network traffic and other factors that impact speed, but even at times of peak demand, we found it hard to complain about how long it took to complete any typical task.

We were also impressed with the layout of the various screens, which of course, rely on the same flagship colors of purple, white and black that are found on the website.

A familiar location for the main menu functions, at the top left of the screen, makes it easy to access features such as current promotions, in-play markets and the Palmerbet Bet Book feature that has many fans.

We appreciated that since, for the moment at least, the Palmerbet mobile wagering site does not require granting permission to an app to root through device files and other information.

That is something that perhaps the younger generation accepts unequivocally, but we geezers with some remaining illusions of privacy and anonymity find some of those permissions unsettling to the psyche. We also like the fact that no memory space is required, since this is a mobile-friendly site and not an app. If all you are interested in is having a footy punt every so often, or if you only want to plunge on certain quality races, bookmarking a page in your mobile browser will take you straight to that section, provided you have remained logged in, of course. Otherwise, a bookmark will instead launch the login screen, which is certainly not a major inconvenience by any stretch, especially for those of use amongst the ranks of the perpetually paranoid.

Some of those preferences might be lost when Palmerbet releases dedicated apps, but it would appear to be certain that the apps would preserve the functionality and user-friendliness of the mobile-friendly version.

Palmerbet Mobile Review

Key Features

Application-like functionality

We doubt that anyone will quibble much over this mobile wagering site not being a dedicated app. The difference is entirely negligible. At times, some commands may take a moment longer as the result of having to travel to Palmerbet servers instead of residing in the device’s memory, but this time lag is not a burden of unbearable magnitude.

Racing product availability

All the bet types that make wagering online with Palmerbet more advantageous than using the TABs, including Best, Tote +10 percent, Best Tote and SP.

Sports markets galore

Palmerbet’s $2.00 lines on the AFL and NRL markets provide nice incentives to punters who want to place multi bets of up to 12 legs. Doing so is precisely similar to the main platform, so even a complex betting slip is easy to manipulate.

Promotions and Specials

Palmerbet is not unlike other bookmakers in offering a dedicated page to specials and promotions, but it is a feature we appreciate when we fund it, and you will find it here with one simple tap.

In-play betting and banking functions

No surprise here. Live markets are displayed on launch. A tap is all it takes to access all the banking options. We also enjoy the ability to use this section to set limits on potential losses. could serve very well as a singular online betting agency or as an additions to others, depending on the needs of the individual.