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There are many wagering platforms for punters who wish to bet online. Every one of them will get the job done. One of the more recent additions, although we cannot say new, are the mobile applications for tablets and smart phones.

Of course, the widespread acceptance and adoption of online wagering has spurred the growth in third-party services. In the case of racing, mobile applications that advise punters on which races have gallopers offering good values and better than favourite odds are readily available. We want to take a brief look at a new one, MyTippingApp, available for Apple and Android devices.

The first thing we noticed, and appreciated, about MyTippingApp is the clean, simple interface. There is not a lot of clutter on the screen, making it easy on the eyes, but more importantly, easy for the fingers to manipulate on the smaller screens of phones and tablet.

One feature that active punters will appreciate are the daily tips that are derived by extensive analysis, freeing active punters from the necessity of scanning form guides on their own. The app scans and ranks races and horses according to up-to-the-minute factors such as distance, weight, who is steering, historical results, and more.

Markets Updated Every 5 Seconds

The markets are updated every five seconds, so it is relatively easy to see where a big plunge or a substantial number of well-informed money has backed a horse down. The app uses data from the Queensland Tab.

Another attractive feature is a staking calculator that helps punters get beyond the level staking phase and seek out the better returns. The app offers the ability to choose between a dollar amount payout or a percentage return on investment. The calculation is then made by the app, revealing how much to wager on a race(s) or a runner(s). The app goes a step further by informing punters if those dollar payouts or percentage returns are feasible.

The Past Results section of the app maintains a record of the wagers made and the outcome. This is handy for those occasions where a string of successful wagers might come in handy toward making a plunge at longer odds using bookmaker money, and similar scenarios.

Built In Support

MyTippingApp has both built-in and customer service provided support, so any questions that may arise can be answered from inside the app, or in the case of a unique query, by a live person.

There are three options regarding pricing, and all three are available on a month or annual basis. It is relatively inexpensive to try the service on a monthly basis. The Weekend Package cost $39/month and provides access to all the app’s features, supplying tips for the Saturday meetings. The Casual Package costs $59/month, but provides tips for Wednesday along with Saturday races. The Pro Package at $99/month supplies tips seven days per week, an excellent option for getting longer odds in the early part of a market.

All three packages on an annual basis represent a savings of two months of subscription fees. Thus, the Weekend Package costs $390 for a year, the Casual Package $590 and the Pro Package $990.

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