Luxbet Mobile App Review

We are not the only ones who have taken note of the fact that things are changing at an ever-increasing pace.

Occupations change; few people of the baby boomer generation enjoy the stability of the previous generation, where it was entirely possible to spend one’s entire career working for the same company. Generation X, Y, and the Millennials that followed the baby boomers think of long-term job stability as anyone with three years at one organisation.

Other aspects of existence are experiencing similar rapid acceleration in the rate at which things change. This rapidity can be disconcerting at times, but on balance, there probably never has been a better time to be alive and inhabiting the earth. Life spans continue to increase, so it is a sure thing that all of us will see change continue to accelerate and reveal things in a matter of days and weeks and months, rather than decades, centuries and millennia. Claim Your $700.00 Bonus Here.

The smartphone offers one of the better examples to be found of something that was seemingly innocuous, just another in a long line of electronic gadgets to be embraced and discarded, but it has demonstrated a remarkable facility for adaptation in the hands of users who keep inventing more creative uses by the minute, to the extent that anyone who has used one for no more than several months might easily ask the question, “How did we get along before?”

Apple gets the credit for the first iPhone in 2007, but a few of us remember a precursor of sorts that was known as the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).

These were shaped like smartphones, except they were bigger and could not make calls. Storage capacity on PDAs was calculated in megabytes. Only the most dedicated techno adopter could tolerate the limitations in memory, weight and battery life. Screen resolution was laughable. These devices were dying a slow death on their own, and were pretty much an afterthought by the time that first iPhone came along and instantly put the PDA out of its misery.

Some of you might remember the immediate predecessor of the iPhone, the iPod. These were a step in the right direction, if you were willing to accept a device that could only play music at first, and then video eventually.

You also had to be willing to purchase your content from Apple, and they seemingly had a stranglehold on the technology, a stranglehold that feels as though it lasted about three months, although it actually first appeared in 2001, so they had six years until their own company rendered them obsolete, even though they did manage to withstand the onslaught of competitor music players, such as the now anachronistic Microsoft Zune and other dedicated mp3 players that are now museum pieces.

That first iPod sold for $400 USD, and people were flocking to stores and willing to camp out in queues in order to obtain one. The comparison betwixt what $400 would get in terms of capabilities and what it will provide today is jaw dropping.

As of 2015, we find ourselves in a world that has irrevocably changed as a result of the smartphone. The reason is simple: they do everything.

One of our favourite uses in online mobile wagering, as you might expect. Android and Apple wagering apps, along with websites designed to be friendly to the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets, will, if they have not already, make the necessity of sitting at a computer workstation and placing wagers with a desk or laptop computer almost as quaint of placing a telephone call to order takeaway or delivery.

One of the key players behind this shift has been the Luxbet bookmaking agency. Here is a quick look at their mobile offering Punting with the Luxbet app

Exceptional Speed And Performance

By designing an app that resides in a smartphone’s memory, many functions can be carried out essentially instantaneously, leaving more resources available for tasks that do require communication with the Luxbet servers. The time betwixt when a command is given to the app and that command is completed is about the time it takes to change a channel on the TV. Luxbet features a swipe-to-scroll feature that is very natural and easy to use, as well as quick.

Extensive Dedication To Racing Codes

A top menu requires only one tap to select gallopers, harness or greyhound markets. Feature races, race betting promotions and international racing markets are displayed. Important details, such as silk colours and track conditions are available with a quick glance.

Tapping on a horse’s name opens a window with extensive information from recent races. Another tap opens up live streaming of races for members, so if your non-punting boss compels you to work on a Saturday when your valuable time would be better spent watching the meeting at Caulfield or Flemington, you do not have to miss anything, provided your job does not involve driving. We would not want to be responsible for irresponsible behaviour, now would we?

Well-Designed Sports Section

Luxbet, on a typical day, offers upwards of 1,000 sports markets, including domestic and international events. The U.S. major sports leagues are well-represented, so if you want to have a punt on whether or not Tom Brady will succeed in his appeal to have his penalty lifted for his role in monkeying with the amount of air in the balls, or if you want to back Jason Day in the upcoming PGA Championship, you can easily do so.

Our Opinions

We freely admit that we are unabashed cheerleaders for mobile wagering. Luxbet has done nothing to dampen, in fact, they have increased our enthusiasm.

We truly liked the swipe to scroll function for refreshing odds, and listening and viewing live races is a pure delight. Since we enjoy instant gratification just as much as the next bloke, signing into a Luxbet account with a four-digit pin code is very handy.

We were able to place 20-leg multis on an entire round of the AFL, with space left on the slip. For racing, we were limited to five, compared to 12 with some of the other bookmakers, but this was hardly an inconvenience, since filling another bet slip did not pose much of an imposition.

Luxbet started up in 2008, so they basically had a clean slate from which to begin development of their mobile platform.

They seem to have thought of everything, including the ability to make feature-enhancing tweaks without starting from the ground up.

The ability to do anything on the mobile app that one would conceivably need to do, along with the ease of moving betwixt platforms very intuitively, means that Luxbet has created something that only the most curmudgeonly could criticise.

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