Mobile Betting App

Hearing the word ‘phone,’ you do not instantly think of anything beyond a device for electronically communicating across distance, yet the smartphone easily replaces many other devices, including cameras, wristwatches, music players, televisions to some extent, appointment books, pocket calculators, books, and so many others such that listing them all would be excessive.

One of our favourites amongst these applications is that available from the agency. Here are some of the salient details and features, followed by our subjective impressions on the mobile wagering platform.

Important Features

We appreciated how easy it was to migrate from the full website platform to the mobile offering. The experience is essentially similar, with considerations made for the smaller screen size of smartphones and tablets. Most of the compelling reasons to use the are carried forward in the mobile version - Bookmaker Free Bets

First Past The Post

Racing punters appreciate the fact that winning wagers are paid instantaneously. There are no delays whilst racing stewards hold consultations to decide the outcome of protests. Anyone who has had what they thought was a winning punt reversed on any sort of racing technicality cannot fail to appreciate this feature. Claim Your $400 bonus Bet Here - Free to join. Whatever your first Deposit is, will match it with a Match Bonus Bet up to $400.00

Access to all banking and account management tasks

Add and withdraw funds, check wagering account balance, and other administrative tasks with all the same options and banking methods that exist on the main website platform. Log in credentials can be changed and it is possible to view your past punting results.

Extensive Sports Markets

Certainly, you would expect an agency associated with the name to cater to thoroughbred racing, and that expectation is very adequately fulfilled by the this mobile app, appropriately, since there are so many races held each week. There are, however, more than enough sports markets of all types to keep fans of every sport occupied. also does justice to the U.S. sports market.

Top Fluctuation

Getting the best odds at the lowest margins appeals to everyone, from the casual Melbourne Cup punter to the more dedicated. The Top Fluc feature offered by has gained more than a little notoriety for the agency, and they remain one of only a handful of bookmakers that offer this benefit.

Similar Racing Bet Types

Best Tote, along with variations to assure the punter of the best possible dividends, are a feature of the app. The unique variation – Odd’s – is where the agency attempts to better the odds of other online bookmakers.

Our Observations

Mobile wagering seems to have avoided the pitfalls early versions of computer wagering presented. The application is a prime example. The look and feel is professional and very much an extension of the features and user-friendliness of the main website. The colour scheme is basically identical, so finding the right tab or icon to perform accustomed functions is very intuitive.

The bet slip is especially well done. Wagering details are easily ascertained with a glance, and pending wagers and potential dividends based on amount wagered are displayed. A highly visible red circle icon at the top and the bottom of the bet slip makes it easy to clear the slip entirely or by market. A plus sign takes one tap to add on to the bet slip. Once you are content with your betting slip, a labelled tan box sends your slip off to the servers.

Entertaining and informative information is available in vast quantities to provide assistance in making decisions. Like most bookmaker mobile apps, this one also does a keen job of showing upcoming events with a countdown timer for races and sports. For the data-obsessed punter, there is a link to the full website where unimaginable quantities of data are stored. This is an easy way to view a mobile-friendly version of the actual website.

Clearly, has invested heavily in the development of a mobile wagering platform that could easily stand in as a substitute to the website for the majority of punters.

Combined with the competitive spirit that seems to be hereditary in the clan, the agency has moved off the rails and into the modern era of bookmaking with complete abandon. With plenty of ongoing promotions and specials of many sorts, the app will hold your interest and give you plenty to think about.

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