Max Verstappen has established F1 records as the youngest driver to win a race to go along with his youngest ever to lead a lap. He can never surpass those records, as the one guarantee life offers is that those who survive, age.

It appears that no one else will, either, as the F1 stewards have changed the rules to prevent youngsters of his tender years from getting behind the wheel of racing cars approaching 1000 horsepower.

In winning the Spanish Grand Prix, Verstappen earned his own page in the record book by being younger than the previous holder of many of the “youngest” records, Sebastian Vettel. Verstappen was almost 18 months younger than Vettel was when he became youngest lap leader at the 2007 Japanese Grand Prix.

Vettel also held the youngest to win a race record for winning the 2008 Italian Grand Prix. Verstappen’s win came when he was two-and-a-half years younger.

There are several other “youngest” records in sight for Verstappen, such as youngest to earn pole position, youngest to post the fastest lap in a race, and the more significant youngest to become world champion. There is no urgency on that one, however, he has until February of 2021 to catch Vettel.

Quite impressive for a lad who has to ask his dad for permission to use the family chariot on Friday night, and as he catches the keys, is told to be home before midnight.