From Maryborough to Hollywood – Matthew Dellavedova’s NBA Finals heroics are going to be brought to the big screen thanks to American producer Jason Shuman.

So who’ll play the role of Delly?

Online bookmaker sportsbet.com.au has come up with a list of candidates and Liam Hemsworth is the $6.00 favourite to be getting splinters from diving all over the movie set.

Up and coming Aussie actors Lincoln Lewis ($7.50) and Brenton Thwaites ($8.00) might want to start hitting the practice courts as well.

If LeBron can get a cameo in the Entourage movie, why not throw in Dellavedova himself at $51?

And if they want to save on the make-up department, Chewbacca and Teen Wolf would be a cut above the others at $501.

“Producers are on the lookout for someone who looks and sounds like Delly and can also shoot a three. If I was Dellavedova’s agent I’d be sending him straight to NIDA after the NBA Finals,” said sportsbet.com.au’s Christian Jantzen.

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Who’ll play Matthew Dellavedova in his Film?
$6.00 Liam Hemsworth
$7.50 Lincoln Lewis
$8.00 Brenton Thwaites
$9.00 Jai Courtney
$11 Chris Hemsworth
$12 Harrison Gilbertson
$13 Josh Helman
$14 Xavier Samuel
$15 Jesse Eisenberg
$15 Kick Gurry
$16 Craig McLachlan
$16 Hugh Jackman
$17 Eric Bana
$18 Tyler Posey
$19 Shia Laboeuf
$21 Joel Edgerton
$34 Seth Rogen
$34 Sam Worthington
$51 Matthew Dellavedova
$51 Russell Crowe
$101 Jason Donovan
$501 Chewbacca
$501 Teen Wolf