The Collingwood Magpies have been fined $1500 by the AFL for a glove worn by Travis Cloke when the Pies beat the Giants in the last round.

Cloke must have been wearing something on his foot as well, as he booted four goals in the victory at Spotless Stadium. Perhaps it was the ankle tattoo.

He was wearing the glove to protect damaged fingers and had worn it in the Round 15 game against the Carlton Blues, which the Pies also won. Not being able to wear the glove in the future has dimmed the Magpies finals prospects almost as much as their seven win, eight-loss season has.

Cloke believed that the glove was sanctioned, since it so closely resembled an approved model that he has worn previously. Had he not taken 12 marks in the game with the Giants, all might have been forgiven.

It has yet to be determined what caused the issue with the glove, whether it was the dimensions of the glove, the material of the glove, or some other problem. Cloke was wearing the glove on his right hand, not his dominant left. The fate of the other glove of the pair is yet to be determined.

For Cloke, the glove was responsible for his return to the seniors, as poor form had demoted him to playing several games in the VFL.

We are left wondering if either one or a pair of similar gloves would assist our writing.