Patrick is dangerous no matter where he appears on the field seems to be the thinking in footy quarters in recent aysd.

The Geelong Cats moved him from the midfield to the full forward position and made a good show of it as the Cats sent the Swans to the exits on the Toyota 2017 AFL Premiership competition.

Now, Brian Lake, whose credentials as a three-time premiership player with the Hawthorn Hawks (remember them?) has suggested that if the Cats were to move him to half-back, that might cause enough of an upset to the psyches of the Adelaide Crows that the Cats could prowl their way straight into the Grand Final.

Some might suggest that playing on the Adelaide Oval is enough to unsettle the Crows.

The Crows percentage this season has been astounding, but recent history indicates that the Cats do not fritter away much time with math formulas. The Cats have beaten the corn pilferers four of the last five times they have played, including Round 8 of the 2016 season at the Oval, although the Crows did win the most recent encounter in Round 18 this season.

It may be enough for the Cats if they simply play their best footy, without needing to resort to muck around with Dangerfield’s position.

The Cats have declared that Dangerfield will again man the full forward position, but obviously, he could come off the back of the square easily and still induce uncertainty into the Crows processes. Even more devastating, according to Lake, would be to move Dangerfield around during the game.

Brisbane legend Jonathan Brown, on the other hand, feels that the Cats should start with Dangerfield in his accustomed slot in the middle in order to stabilize the Cats’ middle in the opening stages.

The Cats found success in Round 17 against the Hawks with Dangerfield forward, but when they tried that tactic against the Crows the following week, it did not produce the desired outcome.