Recent reports characterising UFC star Conor McGregor’s penchant for spending extravagant sums of custom-made clothes as part of his pre-fight promotion routine as “ridiculous” might be viewed as harsh.

The bloke simply wants to look good.

Given that his face typically looks as though he just lost an encounter with a rabid Tasmanian Devil, and perhaps prefers not to engage in expensive cosmetics to hide his damaged facial features, spending $32,000 – $100,000 of his custom wardrobe seems well within his rights.

He did not steal the money, after all, so he is entitled to spend it in any manner he sees fit.

The nice clothes serve a dual purpose, as well. If McGregor were to die as a result of his profession, a more worthy concern than the cost of his clothes, he would be prepared with a supreme funeral haberdashery.

McGregor has made $4 million this year alone from two fights with Nate Diaz, who no one has questioned regarding how he spent his share of the proceeds. McGregor took in $22 million from his various revenue streams in 2015, so if he wants to spend $4,000 – to $10,000 for a custom made suit, well, that would seem to be his affair.

To put it in perspective, someone making $220,000 per year, spending the equivalent to McGregor would be suits costing $400 – $1,000, still a princely sum to many of us, but not “ridiculous” in any sense of the word.