UFC commentator Joe Rogan has hinted that Con McGregor’s next opponent will be lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez in UFC 205.

It is all a part of McGregor’s boast that he would win titles in two weight divisions, just as he did when he was a part of the Cage Warriors.

UFC 205 will take place in November in New York City.

Rogan sounded a bit like a schoolboy in possession of some decidedly lascivious gossip during a talk with former UFC heavyweight competitor Brendan Schaub on Rogan’s podcast.

He was heard wearing out the word “allegedly” when trying to divulge his tasty secret, as in the fight allegedly being in Madison Square Garden and allegedly in a couple of months.

The decision needs to be made quickly in order to give McGregor time to get to the tailor for one of his trademarked $6,000 suits.

Alvarez gained possession of the 155-pound (70.5 kg) championship this July past when he beat Rafael dos Anjos in in Las Vegas.

McGregor was at 170 pounds (77 kg) when he beat Nate Diaz in UFC 202, so he is going to have to do some wasting to get below the limit for a shot at the lightweight title.

Obviously, none of the suits he had made for that weight class will fit should he succeed in reducing.