It is hard to silence critics, apparently, because they never stop the yammering. A recent AFL game betwixt the Richmond Tigers and the hapless Brisbane Lions was anything but a “Lions and Tigers, Oh My!” affair. (Sorry to misquote you, Dorothy Gale, but we have never been to Kansas)

So, the talking heads feel the need to bring up the fact that the Lions have not won a game since April. Hey, they are trying.

Richmond was the target of disparaging comments for not winning the game by a bigger margin. Every game cannot be Hawks v Swans, or there would be no reason to stage a finals series, would there?

The Lions got off to a good start after the bounce, scoring the first two goals, but 10 minutes in, they decided to call it a day and almost became spectators as they watched the Tigers kick the next five Sherrins home.

The proceedings only got uglier from there one, building to a 56-point lead at three-quarter time that the Lions closed to 42-points, perhaps in an attempt to cover the line.

The Tigers padded their stat line by taking 25 marks inside the 50 m line, 14 above the AFL average.