In the aftermath of their unexpected Grand Final loss to the Richmond Tigers, all is not hugs and kisses in Adelaide, as frustration over two years’ worth of unfulfilled expectations has led to some finger pointing and name calling as the Crows try to pick up the pieces and move forward to 2018.

Crows Captain Taylor Walker apparently was a bit vehement is expressing his disappointment with Jake Lever over Lever’s declaring that he desires to be traded to Melbourne in order to be close to family and friends.

It is money, not homesickness behind Lever’s desire, says Walker and other Crows seniors. Lever’s manger has said that Lever’s relationship with some of his Adelaide teammates has devolved to the extent that they did not want to play finals with him.

It would appear that gossip and scandal is not limited to the rugby set.

Lever wants to become a Demon, but according to Melbourne champion Garry Lyon, that move does not sit well with the Crows, Walker in particular.

“From what I am hearing … Tex Walker as the captain of the footy club is furious and let him (Lever) know in no uncertain manner,” Lyon said on SEN Breakfast.“I’m told it was very aggressive.”

Those of us who are older remember when players stayed with one team through thick and thin for their entire careers. You could listen to the footy on the radio and know exactly was playing and where they were standing, or what they were doing at any given moment during the game. Loyalty was a two-way street. Clubs had bad years without players demanding to be moved. Players had bad years without being scrapped.

That was in the days before salary caps and free agency, at a time when many of the players on a side had other jobs during the off-season, other than having their egos stroked or comparing their salaries to those of others with similar statistics.

In other words, The Good Old Days.