The Red Bull F1 Racing Team has underwhelmed thus far in the 2017 season and they are tweaking their cars in the attempt to close the gap betwixt themselves, the surprising Ferraris and the normally dominant Mercedes cars.

They debuted a car for 2017 that was supposed to have vastly improved aerodynamics, which translates to more downforce and grip, equating to faster speeds through the turns.

Last year, Mercedes had an almost 100 horsepower advantage over the other teams. They had such an advantage in the high-speed sections of the courses that they could sacrifice a bit of handling in the turns.

Red Bull has won the F1 Championship four times and going into the season, it was thought that they would be significant challengers to Mercedes, but thus far in 2017, the speed discrepancy is still what in this code amounts to a staggering 1.3 second differential from the lap times they can produce and what is needed to capture the all-important pole position at the front of the starting grid.

The Red Bull cars will doubtless benefit from upgrades installed during the first opportunity the team has had to get the cars back to the factory, but the other teams are engaged in the same process, so it will require something of staggering import to disrupt the status quo.