Jaeger O’Meara, due to discontent with the rural atmosphere he endured for 44 games with the Gold Coast Suns, has informed Coach Rodney Eade and club football boss Marcus Ashcroft that it is his intention to seek a position of the list of one of the Melbourne clubs.

That apparently rules out any of the clubs from NSW, NT, SA and WA.

The Suns are in the midst of dealing with the loss of another key player, out-of-contract Dion Prestia, who has expressed a desire to ply his trade with the Richmond Tigers.

It remains to be seen which of the Melbourne clubs O’Meara lands with, but he has been rumoured to be considering the Hawks, Saints, Bombers, Blues and Roos. The Suns, if they have their way, would like to see it be other than the Essendon club, because Essendon’s low ranking means that they could snatch O’Meara using their leverage of the first choice in the pre-season draft, but even that prospect is not as dismal as the possibility of the Dons acquiring him without the Suns receiving so much as a “by your leave.”

The Suns’ had offered O’Meara a two-year deal as he had requested, but O’Meara feels he can get a longer contract in Melbourne.