If you have a spare $100 million lying about, you could purchase all, or at any rate, a majority stake of Australia’s third biggest sport, V8 Supercars.

Archer Capital is the current majority stakeholder, so you could contact them directly, so long as you do not mind the competition from News Corp Australia and Sorts Entertainment Limited, and Ticketek.

The sale is being handled for Archer Capital by international banking behemoth UBS as Archer is interested in divesting itself of the 65 percent stake it currently holds.

The other 35 percent of the Supercar series belong to 26 Racing Entitlement.

Supercars is a hot property at the moment, having enjoyed sustained growth for many years and having a plan in place that should produce more of the same for well into the future.

There is talk of expansion into Asia, as that region is beginning to reap the benefits of sustained economic growth, a sense of prosperity and the population that continues to enjoy increases in discretionary income.

UBS has been tailoring its presentation to News Corp and Fox Sports, which holds the broadcast rights for the races, but News Corp does not want to appear too eager out of a desire to get the best possible price on any potential purchase. They could conceivably get the 65 percent Archer holds for something in the $70 – $80 million range.