We neednt’ve been surprised – Luis Suarez breaks English defenders hearts every week in the EPL, but his two goals for Uruguay this morning have rocketed him into contention to be the World Cup’s leading goalscorer, with online bookmaker sportsbet.com.au dramatically winding his price in from $51 to $15!

Germany’s Thomas Muller remains favourite to claim the Golden Boot at $4.00 following his opening game hat trick but the cream is rising to the top with Messi ($6.50), Neymar ($7.00) and Robben ($9.00) all in the market.

“All the big names are in there with a shot. If Suarez played every game against England he’d be a shoe-in, but Uruguay would have to go deep into the tournament for the Liverpool striker to claim the title,” said sportsbet.com.au’s Christian Jantzen.

Meantime Sportsbet is reporting strong interest in the Socceroos ahead of their final match against Spain.

Australia’s price of $7.50 has been halved, while the Cup’s biggest disappointment Spain have blown out to perhaps a generous $1.40 for Tuesday morning’s match.

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Golden Boot

$4.00 Muller (Out from $3.75)

$6.50 Messi (Out from $6.00)

$7.00 Neymar (In from $8.00)

$9.00 Robben (Out from $8.00)

$9.00 Benzema (Out from $8.00)

$9.00 Van Persie (Out from $8.00)

$15 Suarez (In from $51)

Australia v Spain

$7.50 Australia (In from $15)

$5.00 Draw (In from $7.00)

$1.40 Spain (Out from $1.17)

Tournament Winner

$4.33 Brazil (In from $4.50)

$4.50 Argentina (In from $5.00)

$5.00 Germany (In from $5.00)

$12 Netherlands (In from $18)

$17 Italy (In from $23)

$19 France (Out from $17)

$21 Belgium (In from 23)

$23 Chile (In from $41)