The speculation that Daniel Ricciardo will move from Team Red Bull to provide his F1 driving services to Ferrari keep springing back to life.

Ferrari is contemplating a move that would result in the retirement of Kimi Faikkonen at the end of the 2016 F1 Grand Prix season, which means that they will need someone else to steer for them.

Ricciardo has expressed some angst over how things have been going for him this year, as Red Bull has made numerous tactical errors in the races held so far this year, one being a glaring failure to have tyres waiting for Ricciardo when he pitted in a race.

Ricciardo reports that Ferrari has not come directly to him at this point and that there are doubtless other drivers on Ferrari’s list and no clear indication of where he might stand on that list.

One complication to the scenario where Ricciardo jumps from Red Bull to Ferrari is that Red Bull recently confirmed that they were committed to Ricciardo driving for them until the end of the 2018 season.

Ferrari’s options seem to be to wait until Ricciardo’s commitment to Red Bull expires or to buy out his contract at Red Bull’s asking price.