Kim Kardashian has probably the most famous booty in the world and with the news that she and Kanye are thinking about making a movie about themselves (of course they are) comes the most difficult casting decision of them all…who will play Kim’s ass double?

The best bet on the booty has been answered by online bookmaker – yes they’re betting on who will play Kim Kardashian’s rather largely sized backside in her biopic!

The usual bootylicious beauties of the world make the list – Sofia Vergara ($5.00), Nicki Minaj ($6.00) and our very own Iggy Azalea ($7.50), but it’s the outsiders that really catch the eye.

You can get $21 for any of those many butts from Game of Thrones to feature and we already know how much Queenslander Cody Simpson likes to show off his ass-ets but he’ll need to bulk up a bit at $501.

The largest price on offer is $1001 – that’s for a real ass, not Kanye – a donkey.

“To be honest a donkey’s ass is probably the most realistic in terms of size to Kim’s, neigh doubt about that,’’ said’s Will Byrne.

Market courtesy of Join Here.

Kim Kardashian’s ass double
$4.00 Amber Rose
$5.00 Sofia Vergara
$6.00 Nicki Minaj
$7.50 Iggy Azalea
$11 Kate Upton
$11 JLo
$16 Meghan Trainor
$21 Any of the many butts shown on Game of Thrones
$34 Rihanna
$101 Jennifer Hawkins
$101 Miranda Kerr
$151 Megan Gale
$251 Miley Cyrus
$501 Cody Simpson
$1,001 A Donkey