How did we ever manage to communicate in the days before our lives were dominated by the omnipresence of outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, et al?

It seems as difficult a question to answer as is how we got our hands on cash before the advent of ATMs.

There are still many who remember, but the actual answers are not easily recalled.

Paul Gallen, who when not plying his trade as a player and captain of the Cronulla Sharks, was perhaps a bit too hasty to upload his feelings for public consumption regarding the NRL’s decision to allow Matt Lodge back into the game.

Lodge, some may recall, was banned in 2015 for his arrest in the U.S. for his exploits in what has been described as a “night of terror.”

Gallen posted a video explaining why he was okay with the NRL’s greenlighting of Lodge in an attempt to clarify an earlier social media post.

In the most recent installment, Gallen said, “Hopefully he’s made to pay the compensation to his victims, and look I’ve since found out more about this story, I don’t follow stories about rugby league players too much but I’ve found out a little bit about this one and another of my comments were, that the NRL allow blokes who touch and hit women back into the game and Matt is not in this boat. I’ve since found out more about the story and found out Matt actually threatened a woman, which in my book is bad enough, so my opinion of Matt in this whole situation is greatly lowered.And while I admit I’m no angel, I’ve done things on the drink that I’m not proud of — but violence against women is not one of them, whether it be threatening or physical, that’s just a no go in my books.That’s all I have to say about this.”

For now, at any rate, Mr. Gallen. For Now.