Both Polanski (was $15) and San Diego (was $12) have firmed into $9.00 with online bookmaker to win the Victoria Derby after their runs in the Norman Robinson Stakes today.

Complacent remains the favourite at $7.00 followed by Savvy Nature ($8.00), Criterion ($8.00) and Tupac Amaru ($9.00).

“The Derby is still a wide open race but both Polanski and San Diego proved today that they deserve to be contenders. San Diego in particular has already been well backed,” said’s Shaun Anderson.

Victoria Derby (Prices in brackets from Friday 18 October)
$7.00 Complacent (steady)
$8.00 Savvy Nature (out from $7.00)
$8.00 Criterion (steady)
$9.00 Tupac Amaru (steady)
$9.00 San Diego (in from $12)
$9.00 Polanski (in from $15)
$13 Drago (steady)

$17 Famechon (out from $15)
$17 Bring Something, Surging Wave
$21 Tips And Beers