The Saints are now back to being $1.77 favourites v the Giants ($2.10) with the return of Leigh Montagna and Lenny Hayes to their team, with online bookmaker reporting plenty of money for St Kilda over the last 24 hours.

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· Essendon v Hawthorn: There has been lots of money for the Hawks in the last 24 hours, with now more than five times the money on them compared to Essendon. Jack Gunston has been the best backed to kick the most goals at $6.00.

· St Kilda v GWS: With Hayes and Montagna back in the team, the punters have flipped the script here, with a heap of money coming for the Saints who are now $1.77 favourites. The Giants, who have been favourites for the last two weeks, are out to $2.10.

· Port Adelaide v Adelaide: Punters are tipping that Port will get the first win at Adelaide Oval, with three times the money coming for them over Adelaide.

· Fremantle v Gold Coast: Not much action in this one, with all of the money for Fremantle.

· Sydney v Collingwood: The Pies have a good record over Sydney, but punters don’t care, with very little money coming for Collingwood. The Swans have been firm at $1.43.

· Brisbane v Geelong: Punters are all over the line of 23.5 in this one, with plenty of money coming for the Lions to get within that at home.

· Melbourne v West Coast: No surprises here that all the money has been for West Coast. Their odds have firmed from $1.13 to $1.09.

· Western Bulldogs v North Melbourne: The Bulldogs have been the least backed team of the week, which is saying something considering there has been less money for them than the likes of Gold Coast v Fremantle and Melbourne v West Coast.

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Round 2 odds
(Prices in brackets from Monday 24 March)
$2.95 Essendon (out from $2.80)
$1.42 Hawthorn (steady)

$1.77 St Kilda (in from $1.95)
$2.10 GWS (out from $1.85)

$1.72 Port Adelaide (steady)
$2.10 Adelaide (out from $2.05)

$1.43 Sydney (out from $1.41)
$2.90 Collingwood (out from $2.80)

$1.07 Fremantle (steady)
$8.00 Gold Coast (out from $7.00)

$3.65 Brisbane (in from $3.75)
$1.30 Geelong (out from $1.25)

$8.00 Melbourne (out from $5.50)
$1.09 West Coast (in from $1.13)

$3.20 Western Bulldogs (out from $3.00)
$1.36 North Melbourne (steady)