After a brief spell on the dole and a break from the pressures incumbent on a NRL coach, sacked Wests Tigers headman Jason Taylor could be on his way to the Sydney Roosters to resume an assistant’s role such as the one he occupied with the Tricolours before his foray with Wests.

The slot would apparently become available should Justin Holbrook move over to Super League at the helm of St. Helens.

The speculation amongst punters about Holbrook’s new gig was of such intensity that Super League betting partner Betfred suspended betting on that market when an avalanche of bets backing Holbrook in the brief span of a day caused the bookies to experience trepidation.

Betfred apparently has shallow pockets, since the wager that aroused their paranoia was for £100 at 8 – 1. It would seem as though the prospect of an £800 payout should not be cause for concern, but according to a Betfred spokesman, “There were around 20 significant bets all on Holbrook at our shops in St Helens, Wigan and Leigh. That made us take notice. He was quickly established as favourite and we have decided to suspend all bets on this market as an announcement is expected from the Saints sooner rather than later.”

For those not wise to the ways of bookmakers, they love taking money in, but despise paying it out. Still, if the most sizeable bet was £100, it makes an argument for seeking agencies with a little more capital.