Andrew Bogut is back home, his days in the NBA seemingly behind him, although he could make a cameo next season for an NBA club that needs the assistance of an experienced big in the playoffs, but nothing is etched in stone.

Bogut seems for the moment to be content to bask in the attention of the homeland and judging from his views on the state of affairs in the AFL, it might not surprise anyone to see him lining up as a ruckman for the Dees or one of the other Melbourne clubs.

Well, it would be a surprise, since anyone who watched Bogut in his latter days in the NBA knows that running is not one of Bogut’s strengths.

Weighing in on several topics, he made some comments about the attention being devoted to player concussions.

“It should be treated with the utmost severity,” Bogut said on Fox Footy’s On the Mark.“Back in the day, I don’t know if it’s like that anymore, with AFL and rugby, a concussion — to come back from a concussion in the same game was treated as a badge of honour, like ‘yeah, you’re tough.’”

Bogut has personal experience with concussions and his view is that rushing back to the game prior to an adequate period of recovery is a bad idea.

“You know, broken legs, I’ve had those, ankles, cool, I can rehab that and get back on the court straight away,” Bogut said.“When it’s your brain — I had a slight concussion where I was out about two weeks and it was the worst two weeks of my life because I was snapping at my wife washing the dishes too loud or something, stuff that wasn’t normal for me.”

We do not have that same issue ourselves, because we do the washing up and have learned to wash dishes very quietly, which is not to make light of the seriousness of concussion brain damage, particularly the long-term effects, such as memory loss and early death due to Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).