The pundits are out in force, declaring Ronda Rousey’s MMA career dead following her recent rout by Amada Nunes in UFC 207 and her lack of activity following her last 2015 defeat by Holly Holm.

Rousey’s last two fights combined have lasted something under three minutes, so it is apropos to wonder if she is indeed in need of a new occupation.

Rousey’ MMA value at this point seems to be constrained to her marketability, as she is capable of attracting the pay-per-view audience support that is largely responsible for the rise in UFC popularity.

WWE commentator Jim Ross seems to think that Rousey would be an asset to the professional wrestling ranks, where the goal of the promoters is to attract viewers to the WWE Network. He thinks that her earning potential in the realm of professional wrestling would be astronomical, which is somewhat hard to ponder for those of us who remember when professional wrestling was filler content for local television stations looking to fill non-prime time hours at any cost.

Rousey’s last opponent Nunes is proclaiming far and wide that it is time for Rousey to say goodbye to the UFC and Rousey herself does not sound as though she is committed to continuing with a MMA career.