Comeback stories are amongst the most compelling in sports, so recent news that Ronda Rousey is on a quest to return to the UFC and reclaim the women’s bantamweight belt she lost to Holly Holm in UFC 193.

When exactly she intends to return is unknown. UFC boss Dana White has offered Rousey a match against Amada Nunes if and when she does decide to return to the brutal world of mixed martial arts.

Rousey was the darling of the sport for a period of time, displaying a level of fierceness combined with a not altogether displeasing appearance, just the type of thing to attract new fans.

If she were to return and face Nunes, Rousey would potentially bring a bit of stability to the division. Since losing the title in November, none of the current crop of active participants has been able to retain the belt for more than one fight. Rousey had six successful defenses.

Holm, after defeating Rousey, lost her next bout to Miesha Tate, who in turn surrendered the belt to Nunes.

On the men’s side, rumours are still swirling regarding the banned substance twice detected in Brock Lesnar’s blood, although it is speculated that it was an estrogen blocker sometimes used in conjunction with steroids, even though Lesnar has no positive steroids test results.