Driving skill is certainly a factor, but no level of skill can totally make up for having an inferior car, such as was the case for Daniel Ricciardo in the Italian Grand Prix in the Italian Grand Prix, who publicly stated that he was in the race with hopes of finishing fifth behind the superior equipment of the Mercedes and Ferrari teams.

The race took place on the Monza circuit, where high speeds are the order of the day, and the entire season has seen Mercedes in particular, with drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg enjoying a nearly 100 horsepower advantage on the other cars.

Rosberg won the race without much effort, but the drama was further back, where Ricciardo and Williams Racing driver Valteri Bottas staged a compelling tactical battle of wits.

In the waning laps of the race, Ricciardo pulled off a daring pass coming off the main straight and going into the heavy braking zone leading into turn one.

F1 commentator Martin Brundle declared it the “pass of the year.”

As he had predicted, Ricciardo did hold onto the fifth position and managed to limit any damage to his standings in the championship, hoping to do better when the series moves onto a track more suitable for his car.

At the end of the season, he will probably be looking to pull a trade-in, since it is obvious that if team Red Bull wants to be a serious contender, a major upgrade is a necessity.