The thought of writing about a reality TV show where the winner is guaranteed a place on an AFL team so depressed us that we seriously entertained thoughts of throwing the telly out the window lest we risk not just seeing the show itself, but even adverts for it.

The premise is the same old tired formula where 15 prospects for the prize will live and play together over the course of 10 weeks as legendary coach Mick Malthouse coaches them.

Has the concept of self-respect been totally erased from the psyches of today’s generation?

One thousand aspiring AFL-ers applied for a spot on The Recruit for the second season of the Foxtel series. From there, the field was winnowed to 50 before the final cut to 15.

It is certain that the finalists will all be highly telegenic, or have some compelling story about an ailing granny that is depending on a miracle in the form of a Category B rookie contract.

The show even has the requisite attractive blonde-haired person in the form of Mind Coach Leigh Russell, who will council the local footy stars, late bloomers and young guns who for one reason or another were never drafted.

Think of “Survivor,” or “Australian Idol” sans Dicko Dickson, only on an oval and with a Sherrin instead of an island, and you have the gist of the show, well actually, the entire reality genre.

Has anyone seen the remote?