Toby Greene, with a reputation for hot-headedness, is again in trouble with the AFL Match Review Panel after a jumper punch to Richmond Tigers defender Alex Rance.

Such is justice in the 2017 Toyota AFL Premiership competition. Prior offenses weigh heavily. Greene served a two-match suspension for striking earlier this year.

Greene was retaliating for Rance’s flagrant blow to the chest of Steve Johnson. Rance, away from the ball, leveled Johnson with a forearm shiver to the chest. The officials awarded Johnson a free kick, but reversed that when Green came to the aid of Johnson.

Rance’s blow was by far the more serious of the two. Were we the arbiters, we would have sent Rance off immediately and informed him that he will be watching the rest of the 2017 season from the side.

Greene’s on the other hand, was a glancing blow that barely made contact.

Commentator Gerard Healy, covering the match for Fox Footy, was heard to say, “It could cost them big time when it counts the most — it was crazy stuff.”

Greene had to be dragged from the field, where he was severely dressed down by Giants Coach Leon Cameron.

Green is no angel by any stretch. It was the fourth time he has been involved in an incident that earned the scrutiny of the MRP. He was fined for striking, charged and cleared of head butting and then suspended for a striking incident against the Western Bulldogs in Round 6.

If it were not for Greene’s poor record with the MRP, he could plead guilty early and receive a reduced sentence, but his reputation precludes that scenario.

Cameron’s comments at the half were concise. He said, “We spoke to Toby about a couple of those undisciplined acts, which were disappointing. He knows that. I love him playing on the edge, but he’s just got to make sure he doesn’t give away easy free kicks.”