The Dragons have surprised many with the start of their season, but punters are tipping their streak will come to an end this week, with online bookmaker reporting that 80% of all money has gone on the Broncos in their head to head match.

In other Round 4 NRL betting news:

Roosters v Manly: Despite the Roosters being the favourites, punters cant split these two, with the money virtually even. In fact, despite being $2.25 underdogs, Manly have actually had more bets on them.

Dragons v Broncos: The Dragons have been on fire but punters are tipping their run will come to an end, with virtually all of the early money going on Brisbane despite them being $2.05 outsiders.

Eels v Panthers: The market suggests this will be tight with the Panthers $1.70 and the Eels $2.08, but punters disagree. Its all one way traffic with virtually all of the money bet so far going on Penrith.

Bulldogs v Storm: Punters have identified the Bulldogs as a value bet this round, with more money coming for them than the Storm. Despite this, the Storm have come in from $1.61 to $1.42, while the Bulldogs are out from $2.32 to $2.70.

Warriors v Tigers: This looms as the biggest upset of the round according to punters, with 95% of money coming for the Tigers, who have firmed from $2.80 to $2.60. There has been no interest at all in the Warriors who have drifted from $1.30 to $1.45.

Rabbitohs v Canberra: The money suggests this one will play out as expected, with the Rabbitohs clear $1.36 favourites. There has been some punter interest in the Raiders at $3.00 who represent some value.

Knights v Sharks: Money is virtually even in this one despite the fact that the line is set at 6.0.

Titans v Cowboys: If you like the Cowboys at $1.62, you will be best to get on sooner rather than later with the amount of early money for them indicating their price could come in by the start of the game.

Markets courtesy of
NRL Round 4
(Prices in brackets from Monday 24 March)
$1.55 Roosters (in from $1.60)
$2.25 Manly (in from $2.40)

$1.72 Dragons (steady)
$2.05 Broncos (steady)

$1.45 Warriors (out from $1.40)
$2.60 Tigers (out from $2.60)

$2.08 Eels (in from $2.20)
$1.70 Panthers (out from $1.62)

$2.70 Bulldogs (steady)
$1.42 Storm (steady)

$1.36 Rabbitohs (steady)
$3.00 Raiders (steady)

$1.45 Knights (steady)
$2.60 Sharks (steady)

$2.20 Titans (steady)
$1.62 Cowboys (steady)

NRL Premiership Winner
$3.80 Roosters
$6.00 Rabbitohs
$6.50 Storm
$7.50 Manly
$15 Broncos, Cowboys
$17 Panthers
$19 Bulldogs, Warriors
$26 Dragons
$34 Tigers, Knights
$41 Sharks
$51 Raiders, Eels, Titans