OK, so now that the boys have been separated from the men and we are down to the final 16 at the World Cup, just where is the money going?

In what may not come as a massive surprise, Brazil is still the team punters are keen on, with the home team clearly the best backed team to win their Round of 16 game.

In fact, online bookmaker sportsbet.com.au reports that over a quarter of a million dollars has been bet on Brazil at odds of $1.61 against Chile at $5.50.

In other betting news:

· Brazil still best backed: Punters are also keen on Brazil to go all the way – they have been the best backed team to win at $4.00

· No love for Argentina: Despite Argentina being second favourites, both Germany and the Netherlands have been better backed to win the tournament. There has been a $10,000 bet on Germany at $6.00 and $12,000 bet on the Netherlands at $9.00.

· Big bet on Netherlands: One punter is keen on the Dutch, betting $20,000 at $2.10 that they will beat Mexico ($3.75)

· Greece long shot: If Greece can defy the odds one punter will be over the moon, betting $100 on them at $201 for a $200,000 collect if they can go all the way

“Half the teams are gone but it’s business as usual for punters who are heavily invested in Brazil. They are the best backed team to win and the best backed team to win the round of 16 match, they really aren’t looking at any other team,” said sportsbet.com.au’s Shaun Anderson.

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Round 16

$1.61 Brazil

$4.20 Draw
$5.50 Chile

$2.00 Colombia

$3.50 Draw
$4.00 Uruguay

$2.10 Netherlands

$3.40 Draw
$3.75 Mexico

$2.50 Costa Rica

$3.10 Draw
$3.10 Greece

$1.53 Costa Rica

$4.20 Draw
$7.00 Nigeria

$1.33 Germany

$5.00 Draw
$10 Algeria

$1.50 Argentina

$4.20 Draw
$7.50 Switzerland

$1.83 Belgium

$3.50 Draw
$4.33 USA

Tournament Winner

$4.00 Brazil

$5.00 Argentina

$5.00 Germany

$8.50 Netherlands

$9.50 France

$21 Colombia, Belgium

$26 Chile

$34 Mexico

$41 Uruguay

$51 Costa Rica

$81 USA

$101 Greece, Switzerland
$201 Algeria, Nigeria