The finals talk is premature, according to Melbourne Demons Coach Paul Roos.

Coaches are notorious for trying to set the bar low, but there is an outside possibility of the Demons making their first finals in ten years.

They will meet Carlton in round 22, but things get a bit darker from there as they finish up against Geelong on the Cats’ home ground in round 23. It is understandable why Roos is trying to contain the enthusiasm of Demons supporters. Bold predictions that wither on the vine are bad for AFL coach job security.

Roos was quick to point out that the Carlton Blues got the better of it when the two teams played last year. Carlton won a round 21 matchup at MCG, even though they earned the wood for 2015. For the Demons, looking ahead is not an option.

The Demons could get the aid they need in the form of a North Melbourne loss to the Swans and the Kangaroos have to win that round 22 game and back that with a win over Greater Western Sydney, so it is conceivable that the Demons could squeak in to the finals at number eight, but they can control their fate as best as possible by winning out, and then sitting back and rooting for GWS several hours later.