Records were meant to be broken, even when those records hold no true significance.

The San Antonio Spurs with their premium Aussie substitute Patty Mills are one won away from equaling the road victory record of 14 games established only last season by the Golden State Warriors.

Home court advantage is definitely considered a prime advantage in the realm of team sports, so teams that can win consistently on the road are generally tipped to go deep into the postseason.

In a recent Spurs 105 – 91 win over Minnesota in the Timberwolves’ home stadium; Mills continued to justify his spot on the Spurs with 15 points off the bench combined with five assists three rebounds and two steals.

The Spurs also demonstrated that a game lacking their all-star Tony Parker was not a prescription for a loss, although San Antonio would like nothing better than to see parker make a quick recovery from a bruised knee he acquired in a game against the Milwaukee Bucks.

In winning their 13 consecutive road game to start the season, the Spurs eclipsed the 1969 – 1970 New York Knicks for the second-best start to the season in terms of road games.

The Spurs will get the opportunity to draw even with the Warriors for road wins when they take their 18 – 4 overall record to Chicago for a game with the Bulls.