Is there anything as too much rugby?

We observers would say no, but there is a growing consensus in the NRL that enough is enough, with 11 of the 18 clubs vehemently opposed to participating in the 2017 World Club Series, rejecting a lucrative offer to play Super League runners-up in Warrington in England in February of the upcoming year.

While it is difficult to imagine a more appealing place to be than England in February, the Eels, Knights, Sea Eagles and Rabbitohs have added their names to the seven other clubs that have decided that February in Gold Coast, or even the west coast, is a far better option.

Despite the chance to take home a cool $400,000 for taking part in the World Club Series, Cronulla declined to play Super League premiers Wigan and the Storm preferred to experience a storm in name only, eschewing the money they could have claimed by playing Warrington.

Another reason for replying “Regrets” on the RSVP to the invitation was that by the time the World Club was set to jump, many NRL clubs were already into trial games just after the Auckland Nines.

The $400,000 would have been split between $300,000 to cover all the various costs and the club pocketing the difference.