Every Aussie knows the Poms will do anything to dodge a ‘shout’ at the bar and sportsbet.com.au agrees.

The online bookmaker reckons an Australian cricketer, at the end of the Ashes series, is $1.80 to shout the first round of drinks ahead of an Englishman ($2.00).

The favoured drop is Stella Artois ($3.00) and the predicted venue the Lord’s Tavern ($2.00).

The Aussies are tipped to be in a better frame of mind for a beer as they are $2.35 favourites to win the second Test, starting at Lord’s tomorrow, England ($2.80) and the draw is $3.55.

“The Poms stood up in the first Test, but it seems when it comes to buying a beer for someone they disappear. If the Poms happen to regain the Ashes trophy they might be a chance of defying the odds, but history shows that’s a longshot,’’ said sportsbet.com.au’s Will Byrne.

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Second Test
$2.35 Australia
$2.80 England
$3.55 Draw

Series Betting
$2.00 England
$2.88 Australia
$4.50 Draw

Will the two teams have post game beers?
$1.20 No
$4.20 Yes

Where will they go?
$2.00 Lord’s Tavern
$3.00 The New Inn
$5.00 The Warrington
$7.50 The Carlton Tavern
$21 The Australian team’s hotel
$51 Alistair Cook’s house

Who will shout the first round?
$1.80 An Australian
$2.00 An Englishman

What beer will the first round be?
$3.00 Stella Artois
$4.00 Fosters
$5.00 Kroenenbourg
$6.00 Fuller’s
$7.50 Well’s
$8.00 Strongbow
$9.00 Old Speckled Hen
$11.00 Boddingtons
$21.00 XXXX Gold

Will the teams have beers at the end of the series?
$2.75 Yes
$1.40 No