Poor Mark Waugh….imagine getting stuck in Adelaide on New Year’s Eve! The Channel Ten Big Bash commentator let it slip (tongue in cheek) that being at the Strikers/Hurricanes game isn’t exactly his preference on the biggest party night of the year.

Online bookmaker sportsbet.com.au has had a think about all the exciting things Junior could get up to on NYE in RADelaide and a trip to Glenelg Beach for the fireworks is the $2.20 favourite.

Of course if Waugh’s really annoyed about being in SA he could bring in the New Year on his own in his hotel room ($6.00), and he’s a $7.00 chance to get an early flight out of town.

Mark loves a punt as much as anyone so the $9.00 on offer for him to be having a bet on an international thoroughbred race with his Sportsbet mobile app is a chance, although $16 for him to visit the Adelaide Zoo at midnight would probably be a waste of time.

“Mark Waugh needs to get out and see the sights of Adelaide on New Year’s Eve, even if he doesn’t think there are any. At least he won’t have any trouble finding himself a nice red if he chooses to have a big one,” said sportsbet.com.au’s Christian Jantzen.

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What will Mark Waugh be doing at Midnight, 1 January

$2.20 At Glenelg Beach to watch the fireworks

$5.00 Attending a nightclub with any Hobart Hurricanes player

$6.00 Staying in his hotel room

$7.00 Catching a flight out of Adelaide

$7.50 Guest commentator on ABC New Year’s Eve Broadcast

$9.00 Betting on the International Races at a pub

$11 Spending the evening with the family of any Adelaide Strikers player

$12 Attending the New Year’s Eve ball at Sir Stamford Plaza

$16 Visiting Adelaide Zoo

$21 Drinking on Adelaide Oval