NFL fans in Mexico City enjoyed a fiesta atmosphere as the National Football League staged a Monday Night Football game in the country south of the border for the first time in 2005.

It may be the last time, unless the NFL players are as adept at scaling walls as they are at performing impromptu-choreographed end zone celebrations, if a certain recently empowered president-elect Trump follows through on his promise to build a wall between the two countries in order to stem illegal immigration.

The game featured the AFC West division leading Oakland Raiders against the Houston Texans, a game of keen interest for Oakland fans and AFC second place Kansas City Chief and Denver Broncos fans.

The melodrama was profound. Oakland, doing well for the first time in seemingly forever, is poised to break the hearts of loyal Oakland fans by abandoning the City By the City By the Bay for a new venue in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For Kansas City supporters, a loss by the Raiders would have moved them into a tie for the division lead. That same loss would have helped the Broncos secure a similar tie, but Broncos fans were conflicted between their desires to see Oakland lose but to also see bolter quarterback Brock Osweiler do badly.

The Raiders won 27 – 20, but fret not, Broncos Nation. Osweiler had a mediocre game by most NFL standards.