Yesterday’s NFL gridiron playoffs were snoozers of the first order, with expectations and form being followed to a “T,” although the second game, Houston Texans v New England Patriots was interesting and competitive in the first two quarters, before Tome Brady and New England asserted their dominance in the second half of the game and covered the wide 15-1/2 point-spread with points to spare in a 34 – 16 victory.

The early game, The Atlanta Falcons v the Seattle Seahawks, seemed to offer something resembling competition, but the Seahawks that trounced the Lions the weekend prior were largely absent in Atlanta, and the Falcons were never really pressed and eventually won 36 – 20.

The final day of the weekend will have the Dallas Cowboys hosting the Breen Bay Packers, which from an objective perspective, will require Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers to have a career day similar to the one he had against the Giants a week earlier.

The AFC matchup will see the Kansas City Chiefs hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers. That game was originally scheduled to be played ahead of the Packers v Cowboys, but concerns over dangerous weather conditions in Kansas City prompted to move the game back until later in the day.