Australian jockey Jason Benbow recently expressed dissatisfaction with new rules governing the use of the whip. More of his mates weighed in negatively concerning Racing Australia’s latest foray, the mandate requiring new helmets with extra padding.

The helmet rules were supposed to come online this coming March or April, but have been delayed due to the amount of flack encountered from the hoops. The main objection seems to be the fact that there are only three sizes available, which necessitates jockeys to add material in order to get a proper fit.

Thus, jockeys whose heads are not regulation small, medium and large complain about the weight of the extra padding that Racing Australia wanted to implement in the quest for safety. A majority of jockeys adamantly declared that they would not be wearing the helmets. Former champion Shane Dye backed their low opinion. Horse owners have expressed support for the jockeys as well.

Any man who has ever been caught off guard by a woman springing the trap question, “Do these jeans make me look fat?” will undoubtedly imagine jockeys saying, “Does this helmet make my head look big?”

Racing Australia has decided to defer the date for the implementation of the n