Sports without rumours would be like beer without fizz, so it is indeed fitting that the latest scuttlebutt from the UFC corner of the sports world concerns the suggestion that Nate Diaz, the lightweight who derailed Conor McGregor’s quest for simultaneous UFC titles in two weight classes, may retire from the octagon.

The justification for the suggestion seems to be that Diaz had finally received the huge payday that had eluded him in over a ten-year career, 29 fights and a 19-10 record. He reportedly earned $500K in USD (672,000 AUD), an amount UFC President David White could last Diaz for the rest of his life. White could be forgiven for hyperbole, but it should be kept in mind that suddenly rich athletes are prone to spending binges that could make $500K evaporate quicker than the head on a mega-brewery pilsner.

Diaz has remained mute regarding his future, but it seems far-fetched to suggest he would take the retirement route when a rematch with McGregor, should the Irishman mount another attempt to capture a title above his usual featherweight division, would offer a potential payday that would make this so-called monster payday for defeating McGregor pale by comparison.

The only possible lure for Diaz in retiring would be the brag that he was the first man to beat McGregor while eliminating any possibility for retribution.