Recent news out of the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave indicated that not only was throwing-challenged Tim Tebow considering hopping codes from the NFL to MLB (technically hopping from NFL to ESPN to MLB), but that 20 MLB teams are confirmed to attend.

Tebow is holding the workout in Los Angeles, and the strong turnout by Major League scouts can only mean one thing: free booze.

Tebow’s primary credential as a baseball player was hitting .494 as a junior for his Florida baseball team in 2005.

He is truly a gifted athlete, however, when a baseball player who has not played in over 10 years goes to the plate against the likes of Major League pitchers such as Clayton Kershaw (currently injured) or Madison Bumgarner, he is going to be humiliated worse than he was when NFL fans saw the throwing motion that appeared as though he were using his off-arm.

Tebow was a force of nature, winning the Heisman Trophy in college where it was his legs that did the talking when his Florida team won the NCAA Football Championship. If ever there was a case for code hopping in the right direction, Tebow’s is one where the NRL would make perfect sense.