Mitchell Johnson is the most dangerous bowler in the world – literally!

Just ask South African Ryan Mclaren, who suffered a broken arm after being on the end of a Johnson thunderbolt. Englishman Jimmy Anderson has also ended up in a cast due to the Aussie’s sheer pace.

Online bookmaker believes other batsmen around the world are also in danger of breaking bones against our Mitch, and has priced Indian and Pakistani players as the equal $4.00 favourites to be the next to suffer the same unfortunate fate.

The Poms are next in line for a barrage at $4.50, followed by Mclaren’s South African side at $5.50.

“No one wants to see broken bones but the way Johnson’s throwing them down, you’d want to be getting up to the non-strikers end whenever he gets given the cherry,” said’s Christian Jantzen.

Market courtesy of Join Here.

Mitchell Johnson’s Next Victim

$4.00 India

$4.00 Pakistan

$4.50 England

$5.50 South Africa

$7.00 Sri Lanka

$14 Bangladesh

$14 New Zealand

$16 Scotland

$20 Afghanistan

$20 West Indies

$33 Ireland

$33 Zimbabwe