What follows is not, repeat not, fake news.

Less than a week ago, we were seeing quotes on Conor McGregor in the neighbourhood of $4.75. When we checked a moment ago, he had shortened to $4.10.

He could shorten to even money, $1.26, with Floyd Mayweather and unless the fix is in and the crooked media is feeding us baloney, whatever you put down on McGregor, you might as well take a match and set light to it.

The hype machine is at full momentum and every attempt is made to persuade people with a spare $US100 to buy the pay-per-view from Showtime. It truly is a bargain, when you stop to examine it. The undercard has six fights as warmups for the main event. That works out to just under $17 per event.

We do understand how valuable your time is, however, and boxing matches are unpredictable, so we suggest throwing a tenner in the direction of a mate willing to sit in a boozer and monitor the preliminaries, and then send you a text when the real thing is ready to go. We admit that we did not come up with that idea on our own. It was suggested to us by one particularly erudite UFC fan who does not have the schedule flexibility or the desire to sit through six boxing matches before watching his man demolish Floyd Mayweather.

We had to press him to get our tenner back, as he was our primary choice to be the canary in the coal mine for us and give us the nod when all the prelims were out of the way.

Our second choice offered to do the job for us, but we later found out that he had posted on social media that he had no intention of doing anything of the sort and would learn the outcome the following day from the newspaper. A true Luddite, that one.

We let him keep the money.

For those of your who harbour superstition, enjoys women’s boxing or believes in omens, one of the undercards features a Yank going by the name of Sydney Victoria LeBlanc.