Mason Cox’s success in his recent AFL debut may have paved the way for other Americans to venture into Aussie Rules football, even though the vast majority of those who witnessed Cox’s impressive start with the Magpies and also attended the AFL’s scouting combine in Los Angeles had not only never played rules, they were not even aware of its existence.

Cox came to the attention of the NFL after participating in the combine in 2014 and despite his obvious physical gifts, had to supply much dedication in order to get on ground with the Pies seniors.

Johnathan Givony, a prominent basketball scout, has the task of compiling a list of college graduates and trying to convince those graduates that they should consider switching from basketball to footy.

Many of the players would be considered borderline as far as the NBA is concerned, since that league has by far the fewest available positions of any of the major U.S. sports leagues, since NBA teams are limited to 12-man rosters.

AFL attitudes toward foreign players have begun to shift to more openness around the idea of recruiting yanks after Swans coach Paul Roos contacted Givony concerning the concept that basketballers could make the transition to footy, with power forwards and centres, two positions were exceptional height is encountered, being the most desirable candidates.

The United States should be a fertile ground, given its population that is more than 10 times that of Australia.