“We’re scared to death at the prospect of playing at MCG.”

Why can’t we just stay in Sydney and let the Richmond Tigers advance to the Grand Final without all the fuss and bother of journeying all the way to Melbourne?”

“Me mum always warned me not to take candy from strangers or to play footy at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.”

No one on the Giants was saying anything of the sort. We just wanted to delay addressing the inevitable clichés footy players and coaches love to use when we responding to the inevitable questions of those to unmotivated to ask some original questions.

Why does not someone ask Coach Leon Cameron if his side kicks better when they put their left boot on ahead of their right?

How about asking Giant forward Jeremy Cameron if he finds it odd that his last name is the same as the first name of the quarterback of the NFL’s Carolina Panthers’ Cameron Newton? Or, Aussie pro golfer Cameron Smith?

Nineteen-year-old Giants prodigy Tim Taranto was apparently well schooled in footy player speak, seconding the opinion of his coach that the Giants are “born to play at the MCG.”

Taranto has never played at MCG, but he grew up as a Dees fan and watched more than one game there, so he is familiar with the location of all the loos and most of the other nooks and crannies of the newly roofed venue.

Our question for Taranto would be, “Does anyone ever mistake you for American comedian and Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon?”

The Giants can know in advance that they will face a sea of orange if they should take in a view of the stands, where something like 90,000 Tigers supporters will be arrayed in full regalia.

From a short historical perspective, GWS has played only 11 games at MCG in their six seasons and have won just the one time, when they played Melbourne in 2014, which really confers no bragging rights, since Melbourne won only four games in 2014 and lost 10 c0nsecutive to end the season.